Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) Circuits is an important area in modern electronics that has revolutionized the growth in Space technology, Defense, Communication, Instrumentation, Medical Electronics, Computing, Internet, and Modern automations in various industries. Developments in VLSI have reduced the size of chips from 10 micrometer to few nanometers by faithfully following Moore's Law which states that “the technology shrinks to 1/4th the area in every 18 months”. This has posed challenge to the chip designers throughout the world and hence evolved into a systematic area of study in all leading universities. VLSI also demands long and dedicated exposure from its designers so that they can evolve first time success chips.

Along with complicated chip design various Electronic Design Automation tools have evolved over last two decades posing challenge to the academic community to train manpower on complicated but systematic technology as well as sophisticated tool chains. Since this specialization demands development from its designers, higher education like Post Graduate and Research Programs are vital to the development of modern economy. Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering College offers Post Graduate Program in VLSI Design with state of the art software tools like Xilinx, Model sim, Tanner and CADENCE and well equipped Laboratory facility.


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