The campus hostel offers boarding facility for the outstation candidates. The institution has separate hostel for boys and girls with round the clock security and emergency care service. The residential doctor extends the assistance for the students who are indeed. In addition, the institution has a vehicle exclusively for the hostel students to take them to the hospital if they fall sick. Madha Engineering College hostel is just an another home for the students. The hostel provides extreme comfort and creates the feeling of togetherness among the hostellers. And the dining session for the hostel students are also separate for boys and girls with different timings.

On - campus accommodation capacity

  • The on-campus hostel “Soosaiya Pillai Boys’ Hostel” has facility to accommodate maximum of 500 boy students.
  • The on-campus hostel “Arul Mary Girls’ Hostel” has the facility to accommodate maximum of 300 girl students.

Every effort has been made to provide the best facilities for students who live on campus. They have the privilege to access internet after the academic hours. The library functions till 7.00pm on all days to inculcate the reading habits among the students of both the day scholars and the hostellers. There is a separate recreation centre with in the hostel that has got entertainment facilities such as television and indoor games also. The hostels have full-time residential warden and supporting essential workers to meet the needs of the students. Besides the regular hostel dining facilities, there are food services extended by private canteen at subsidized cost for the hostellers.



1. Application for the admission to the hostels should be made in the prescribed form. A passport size photograph must be affixed in the application form. A student seeking hostel admission must give an undertaking in writing that he or she will abide by the rules of the hostels. This shall be endorsed by the parent or local guardian in writing.

2. The management reserves the right to refuse admission to the hostels to any student without assigning any reason or to expel any member in the interest of administration.

3. A student admitted to the hostel for a particular year should pay the fees for the entire period of one year regardless of the date of joining.

4. A student who joins the hostel is expected to stay for a minimum period of one academic year and anyone leaving the hostel before the completion of the period will forfeit the Hostel fees paid.

5. The student, who once reserves his seat by paying the fees for hostel accommodation, will not be eligible for refund if he / she choose not to stay in the hostel.


  • The Principal shall be the ex-officio chief warden and his decision will be final on all matters regarding discipline, administration and finance. He shall be assisted by wardens of ‘Soosaiya Pillai Boys’ and ‘Arul Mary Girls’ Hostel.
  • The student admitted to the hostel will have no claim to single or double room accommodation and will have to stay in the room allotted to him/her.
  • Inmates of each room are jointly responsible for the furniture, electrical fittings, etc., and any damage to the hostel property is recoverable from them.
  • Ragging in any form is strictly PROHIBITED, and those who violate this rule will be expelled from the hostel as well as from the college.
  • No female guest can be entertained in the Boy’s hostel; likewise, no male guest can be entertained in the Girls Hostel.
  • Uses of drugs, alcohol any kind of gambling are strictly prohibited.
  • Students are not permitted to entertain any day-scholar / guest to stay with them, without prior permission from the resident warden.
  • In case of serious illness and infectious disease, the student should bring this to the notice of the resident warden immediately.
  • The use of any electrical appliances in the rooms is forbidden.
  • Students are advised NOT to keep valuables or excess cash with them.
  • Writing on the walls or pasting of any material on the walls, windows or doors are strictly prohibited.
  • Students should not organize or address any meeting in the hostel.
  • Students are permitted to go out with prior permission of the resident warden. Details of rules for permission can be had from the warden. While going out, they should submit the permission card and sign in the movement- register.
  • When the student is permitted to go out, he / she should report on time; failing which further permission will not be granted.
  • Permission will not be given for tuition and computer classes outside.
  • Students should not stay in local guardian’s home during the night without submitting a parent’s letter to the principal and getting approved. For the local guardian’s home visit and for the visit to home town, parents are requested to send the letters directly to the Principal. Letters through e-mail are not entertained.
  • When parents come to Chennai for any other purpose, they shall come to the college and pick up their wards with due permission.
  • Other than parents and authorized local guardians, nobody will be allowed to see their wards. Girl’s students should not take their friends along with them to see their respective visitors.
  • Phone calls from parents and authorized local guardians alone are encouraged.
  • Hostel students should not board the college buses, since the buses are only for the day-Scholars.
  • Only letters received from parents will be given to their wards.
  • Students have to make their choice for vegetarian or Non- vegetarian food at the beginning of the year and shall continue to be so far the whole period of their stay.
  • Any student, who wishes to vacate the hostel must inform the Principal before March 31st. He/she shall vacate only after the completion of the academic year.
  • Students can stay in the hostel, only up to the last regular exam. After that, those who vacate the hostel have to pay and stay in the hostel.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken against inmates who violate the hostel rules. In all matters of discipline, the decision of the principal is final. Students who are expelled from the hostel on disciplinary grounds shall forfeit fees and deposit.
  • Food from outside (friends and relatives) should be checked by the respective warden before they give it to the students.
  • Boys are permitted to go out for 2 hours once in a week and for girls once in 15 days with prior permission from the respective resident warden.
  • Boys are permitted to visit the local guardian once in 15 days and girls can visit once in a month.
  • Students should report to the hostel after visiting local guardian or after vacation leave, only between 06.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m. on the scheduled date.
  • Parents should visit their ward in hostel only on Sundays between 10.00a.m. and 06.00 p.m. or prior intimation should be availed from the principal in case of emergency.
  • The resident Warden and the Chief Warden will monitor the above rules.
  • Hostel inmates should observe the study hours from 8.00 P.M. to 11.00 P.M..


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