Mankind has always communicated, but the means of communication changes. Over the past century, communication technologies have had a fundamental impact on how we carry out our daily lives. Besides using the internet and mobile phones for interpersonal communication; businesses, banking, transportation systems, TV and radio broadcasts and smart power grids rely on advanced communication technology. In future, there will still be advanced communication systems and communication engineers will be needed to develop and maintain them. Future communication systems will form the foundation for a sustainable and intelligent society where people and equipment can be connected anywhere, anytime with anything.

A high degree of connectivity will be a key enabler for new innovative technologies and applications that can benefit from information sharing. Evolving technologies are 4G & 5G mobile communications, machine communications, fiber optical links and networks and sensor network communication, with emerging new applications such as remote and assisted medical diagnosis and treatment, traffic and vehicle safety, environmental monitoring, maximizing efficiency and reliability in smart grid infrastructure, and tele-presence systems that reduce the need for energy consuming transportation of people. In order to gain insight into communication systems of the future, and to develop such systems, solid analytical skills and an understanding of the fundamental principles of digital information transmissions are essential. Besides the fundamentals in communication engineering we focus on e.g. random signal analysis, stochastic methods for digital modulation and coding, applications of digital signal processing, optical fibers and lasers and information theory and coding. M.E. Communication Systems course offers combination of theoretical and applied knowledge in systems that apply on a global scale to give a lifelong learning process in communication technologies through modern software and hardware tools.


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