The Department of Mechanical Engineering has been functioning since the inception of the college. It has best infrastructural facilities with highly qualified and talented faculties offering quality education in Mechanical Engineering. The department offers B.E. Degree program in Mechanical Engineering and M.E. Degree Program in CAD/CAM. The department has signed MOUs with many industries and strives to develop Industry-Institute interaction. The Department of Mechanical Engineering has an excellent infrastructure which is comparable that of best. The highly experienced faculty of the department contributes a vital role in Academic and Research. The Department is committed to provide high quality education in the field of Mechanical Engineering, emphasizing on Industrial applications to tomorrow’s technocrats.






(Full Time)

4 Semester
(2 years)


Bachelor Degree in Mechanical, production, Automobile, Industrial and other mechanical related stream.

Our Quality Policy

“To provide sound knowledge through theory and practice in engineering, technology and science, especially in areas of emerging technology to students in a systematic and effective manner, to motivate and ensure that students inculcate qualities like integrity, discipline, sincerity, hard work and humanitarian concerns and to meet the rising challenges, while keeping up the ethical standards”.

Department Objectives

  • To become a center of excellence in the field of Mechanical Engineering with commitment for research and development.
  • To motivate the students to undertaker R&D projects.
  • To motivate faculty and students to pursue higher studies at Doctoral and Post Doctoral levels.  



To be recognized globally for academic excellence and research in the field of mechanical engineering and to build quality engineers who shall be socially, intellectually and ethically responsible towards meeting the growing demands in the industry and contribute optimum for the benefit of the society.


To develop competent professionals capable of encountering challenges in the competitive work environment.

To foster professional growth by working collaboratively with industry and research & development sectors for enhancing the expertise of the students.

To offer adequate technical, managerial and people skills to the students for making them industry ready professionals.

To instill core values of life and ethical code of conduct among the learners for their personal and professional enhancement.


Name Qualification Designation
Mr. A. Gajendran ITI Lab. Asst
Mr. A. Dalmet AMIE Lab. Asst
Mr. S. Saravanan ITI Lab. Asst
Mr. V. Lokesh ITI Lab. Asst
Mr. V. Rajesh DME Lab. Asst


The Research and Development division of the college plays an essential role to constitute good communication between the industries and Academics. The Institute conducts research investigations within its academic programmes under all the departments and the Academic Research Centers. The research activities of M.E CAD/CAM engineering is being keen in the diverse area of Mechanical Engineering. The core idea of the M.E CAD/CAM Programme imparts the advancement of theoretical knowledge in the development of new technology to solve practical problems. The research conducted has roofed the areas such as theoretical and applied aspects of core engineering with specialization interest on, machine design, manufacturing, product design, etc. Many of research projects have also acted as the training ground for the young post-graduates of the department.


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International Conferences

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