The Department of Biotechnology was established in the year 2002-03 with an aim to link up Biological Researches with Engineering and technology. The Department is an ISO 9000-2000 certified and NBA-accredited.

A team of highly committed well-qualified and experienced faculty members groom the aspirants in the field of Biotechnology to match with the industry standards. The Department of Biotechnology has been consecutively producing the highest percentage of pass ranging between 85-95% in University exams. The brilliant academic record has fetched great number of opportunities in various organizations through on- and off-campus interviews organized by our vibrant placement division. In addition, remarkable number of our students pursues post graduation and research studies in the countries namely UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Sweden and France.

The Department through its students’ association, Gene Genera, organizes various programmes viz- a - viz technical symposia, conferences and seminars year after year as a part of student’s centric learning. The Department devices various strategies and takes initiatives to improve the skills of students by organizing guest lectures, industrial training and educational tours, soft skills training and engage the learners in short term Projects, paper presentations in national level paper contests, class room seminars, certificate courses, live projects in industries, exposure to journals and so on.

The faculty members of the Department are very much focused on the thrust areas of Research and Development in vivid fields of biotechnology such as Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Fermentation and Bioreactor technology, Genetic Engineering, Molecular biology and Immunotechnology, Chemical Engineering and Microbiology, Nano biotechnology, Stem cell technology and the other emerging trends.


B.Tech – BIOTECHNOLOGY (4 Years)



To attain new frontiers in globally renowned biotechnology research through shaping it into a premier precision tool of the future for the welfare of poor and to prepare quality professionals who will contribute efficiently adhering to the ethical principles and social values.


To motivate the students to project their creative and innovative ideas, for performing the research in the field of biotechnology and its related areas for the betterment of the society.

To impart the professional and bio-entrepreneurship skills to the young graduates in the field of Industrial Biotechnology and make them contribute efficiently to provide optimum benefit in the range of industries through research and application.

To encourage the collaboration with the alumni, academia and Research Institutions at National and International level for the purpose of upgrading the level of knowledge among the learning community.

To instill in the learners ethical principles and educate them to ensure that the development and application of life sciences and biotechnology take place respecting the fundamental values of human life and dignity.


List of Lab Facilities

Heating Mantles

Water Baths

Bunsen Burners

TLC Plates



Distillation units


Microbiological Hood for sterilization with UV lighting

Bunsen Burners

Orbital Shaker and Incubator



UV – Vis spectro photometer


TLC chamber


Simple & Steam Distillation, Packed Column Distillation

Orifice & Venturi meter

Flow through Straight pipe, Packed column, Fluidization

Leaf Filter, Plate and frame filter press

Double pipe heat exchanger


Refrigerated centrifuge

Micro oven

DNA electrophoresis tank Rock and Roll,  

Gel Documentation System, UV-trans illuminator, Homogenizer

Orbital Incubator Shaker

SDS-PAGE electrophoresis

Dot blot, Western blot apparatus


Fermentor (Fully Automatic)

Orbital Incubator shaker

Laminar Flow Chamber  

Spectrophotometer, Water bath

pH meter, Weighing balance

Vortex mixer, Peristaltic pump, Water bath

Glass columns for packed bed studies

Micro centrifuge


Cell breaking device (Sonicator)

Cell harvesting (Micro filtration module)

Cell harvesting (Centrifuge tubular, Disc & bowl)  

Ultra filtration module

Chromatography system

PD 10 columns

UV spectrophotometer


Micro plate Reader & Washer

Tabletop Refrigerated centrifuge

Laminar flow hood,  

Electrophoresis units

Transfer apparatus

Light, Fluorescent & Phase contrast microscope


The Gene Genera association of the Department of Biotechnology, Madha Engineering college situated at Kundrathur, Chennai-69 organized its 5th National Conference on" Transfigures in Bioscience and Technology – TBST' 2016" at its premises on 18th March 2016.

For its inaugural function, Dr. R. Christodas Gandhi, Former Additional chief secretary And Development commissioner planning, Tamil Nadu was the Chief Guest and Dr. M. Dharmendira Kumar Professor and Deputy controller of Examination, Anna University, Chennai was the Guest of Honor Who gave a special lecture and interacted with the participant about the Biotechnology.

Er. A. Prakash, the Director explained the importance of biotechnology in the current scenario and Dr. A. Baradeswaran, the principal of the college delivered the impact of biotechnology.

In addition Mr. N. Balaji, the HOD who read Gene Genera association report, Mr.S. Selvanaveen, the chief coordinator, Ms. G. Geetha, Association student president, Staff members and students of the same college and those of other colleges across the country participated in the conference.

5th National conference TBST'16 held at Madha Engineering college on 18th March 2016 by the Gene Genera association, Department of Biotechnology. The souvenir of TBST'16 was released by the Mr. R. Christodas Gandhi Former Additional chief secretary and Development commissioner planning, Tamil Nadu and Dr.M.Darmendira kumar, professor and deputy controller of Examination, Anna university,Chennai received by Er.A.Prakash, Director, Madha Engineering college in the presence of Dr.A.Baradeshwaran, Principal, Mr.N.Balaji, HOD of Biotechnology, Mr.S.Selvanaveen Associate professor, Ms.G.Geetha, Student president.


National Level Technical Symposium/Workshops/Conferences/Awareness Programme

Date and Year Name Chief Guest
6th March 2015 “4th  National Conference on Transfigures in Bioscience and Technology TBST-2015” Mr. Suresh Deputy General Manager, Shasun Chemicals, Chennai.
24th November 2014 Environmental Education Awareness Programme for Faculty Members Mr. U. Thirunavukarasu, Senior Environmental Education Officer, C.P.R. Environmental Education Centre, Chennai.
Mr.T.R.Gowthama Environmental Educator, CPR Environmental Education Centre, Chennai.
Dr.K.Sathish Kumar Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, SSN College of Engineering, Chennai
Mrs. P.K. Gayathri, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Vel Tech High Tech Dr. Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala Engineering College.
12th November 2014 Hand in Hand India/SEED Trust Mr.Sudhakar,Environmental Education Officer, SEED Trust, Chennai.
13th & 14th September 2013 “3rd National Conference on Transfigures in Bioscience and Technology TBST-2013”

Dr.S.Sivanesan, Professor and Dean, Alagappa College of Technology, Anna University, Chennai.

25th July 2013 Environmental Education Awareness Programme for College Students Dr.T.S. Sundaramoorthy and Mr. R. Selvapandian Environmental Education Officer, CPR Environmental Education Centre, Chennai
13th August 2013 Fire and First Aid Training Programme for Students Mr. S. Bhandhalarajan Safety Officer, Safety and Environment Education for Development (SEED
25th & 26th September 2012 “2nd National Conference on Transfigures in Bioscience and Technology TBST-2012” Rev.Dr.S. Ignatchimuthu, S.J, Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Madras.
4th September 2010 National Conference on Novel Trends in Biotechnology Dr. S. Achiraman – Professor – Bharadhithasan University
3rd September 2010 Ambiente’10 - A National Level Technical Symposium Shri.A. S. Jeeva Rathnam, I.A.S. Commissioner of Employment and Training.
25th September 2008 RIVERA -2008 National Level Technical Symposium Dr.R.Gautham, Professor, CBT-Anna University.
30th September 2005 MUTANT-X05 National Level Technical Symposium Dr. G. Yogeeswaran,- Symed Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd.


Organization Year Location
Apex laboratory Pvt. Ltd 2015 Chennai
Nuray Chemicals Pvt. Ltd 2014 Chennai
Puzhal Water Treatment Plant 2013 Chennai
Bio Globe Scientific Park 2011 Chennai
CMWDA Sewage water Treatment 2010 Chennai
Britannia Industries 2009 Chennai
CMWDA Sewage Water Treatment 2008 Chennai
Mohan Breweries and Distillaries Limited 2007 Chengalpet
Sigenics 2006 Chennai
Spic Biotech 2006 Chennai
CLRI 2005 Chennai
Aravind Remedies 2004 Chennai
Aavin Milk 2004 Chennai
Nagarjuna Sugar Mill 2004 Chennai


Guest Name Industry / Institute Topic Year
Dr. S. Renganathan  Department of Biotechnology, A.C. Tech, Anna University, Chennai Production of Biodiesel from marine macro algae 2015
Dr. K. Sathish Kumar Department of Chemical Engineering, SSN College of Engineering,  Chennai Role of Nano-particles in Drug Delivery systems 2014
Dr.T.S.Sundaramoorthy CPR Environmental Education Centre Environmental Awareness Programme 2013
Safety and Environment Education Cell Safety and Environment Education for Development In-house Safety Training Programme 2013
Mr.P.Thinesh Bioglobe Scientific Park R&D in Biotechnology 2012
Dr. Saraswathi Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai Extraction of Phytochemicals 2012
Mr.Sathishkumar Bioglobe Scientific Park R&D in Biotechnology 2011
R&D in Biotechnology Autostem Stemcell therapy 2011
Dr.S. Jayalakshmi Prof., IRS , Anna University Biofuels 2010
Dr. S. Achiraman Prof., Environmental Biotechnology, Bharathidasan University Pheromones 2010
Dr. Kandhababa Annamalai University Process Control, Modeling & Simulation 2009
Dr.Mallika Arjuna Rao Biofertilizer
Vermiculture 2009
Ms. Meenakshi Sai Bioscience Bioinformatics 2009
Mr.Shivaranman Research officer
Spic Biotech
Enzyme technology 2008
Dr.R.Gowtham Professor
CBT Anna University
Nanotechnology 2007
Dr.V.Murugan Professor
CBT Anna University
Genetic Engineering 2006
Dr.Ramadass Professor
Vertarnary university
Animal Biotechnology 2006
Dr. S.P. Subramanian Examiner of Patents and Designs, Patent Office, Chennai Intellectual Property Rights 2005
Dr. T. Charles John Bhaskar Geo Marine Biotechnologies, Chennai. Opportunities in Marine Biotechnology 2004
Dr. Sharath Chandra Prayatna, Aiims Role of Microbiology and Biochemistry in Biotechnology for Medical sciences. 2004
Dr. Yogeswaran Symed Biotech Pvt.Ltd, Chennai. Current Trends in Biotechnology 2004


Bio fuel production from food / agricultural wastes

As an initiative, the students have been encouraged to do their projects in the campus. In connection with this the final year students have designed a Biogas plant for the production of gas in a eco friendly and economic way.

Biogas plant designed by D.Sathyabama & S. Sandhiya kumari (IV Year – 2014-15)


The students jointly worked with the Department to grow the medicinal and some of the rare varieties of plants in the college campus which have the potential to treat the dreadful diseases. These plants have been used traditionally for the treatment of various diseases. Further the students are encouraged to undergo research in these medicinal plants and to produce herbal products. The overwhelming response from the students led them to carry out research and the final year students carried out the project using these medicinal plants to prepare various herbal products like herbal antidandruff shampoo, anti hair fall oil, herbal wound healing gels etc.,

S.No Common Name Botanical Name Applications
1 Periwinkle Vinca rosea Mouth Ulcer, Hypertension
2 Karpoorvalli Plectranthus amboinicus Malarial Fever, Cough
3 Sweet Basil Olimum basilicum Anti Inflammatory
4 Veppalai Azadirachta indica Blood Purifier
5 Chiretta Andrographis paniculata Treat Swine Flu,Arthritis
6 Bettle Piper betle Mouth Cancer
7 Mudakathan Cardiospermum halicababum Body Ache
8 Netulingam Saraca asoca Menstrual Problem
9 Kalayana Murungai Erythrina variegate Weight Loss
10 Agaya Thamarai Eicchornia crassipes Common Cold
11 Nerunji Tribulus terrestris Treat Kidney Stone
12 Wild Spinach Chenopodium album Common Cold
13 Tridax Tridax procumbens Treatment Of Wounds
14 Eruku Calotropis gigantean Asthma
15 Marudani Lausonia inermis Treat Skin Cancer
16 Neem Azadirachta indica Improve Liver Function
17 Thuthi Abutilon indicum Diuretic
18 Seemai Poonanganni Alternanthera sessilis Hair Growth
19 Lemon Citrus limon Skin Diseases
20 Guava Psidium guajava Pain Reliver
21 Sangupoo Clitoria ternatea Treat  Cancer And Cold
22 Jasmine Jasminum sambal Treatment Of Cancer
23 Kaivalli Kodi Dioscorea bubifera Increases Hunger
24 Peenari Ailanthus excelsa Fever & Diarrhoea
25 Black Night Shade Solanum Nigrum Mouth Ulcer, Hypertension
26 Aloe Aloe Vera Treat Diabetics, Wounds
27 Lemongrass Cymbopogon Sp. Nasal Congestion
28 Turmeric Curcuma Longa Cardio Vascular Diseases
29 Hibiscus Hibiscus Rosasinensis Hair Treatment, Headache
30 Mango Mangifera Indica Skin Diseases, Asthma
31 Poonai Meesai Orthosiphon Spiralis Kidney Disorder
32 Holy Basil Olimum Tenuiflorum Asthma, Influenza
33 Mukkarattai Boerhavia Diffusa Refresher
34 Kasini Keerai Cishorium Intybus Pain  Relief
35 Chilli Capsicum Annuam Bioinsecticide
36 Manjal Karisalankanni Eclipta Alba Treat Hair , Liver Function
37 Sirukurinjan Gymnema Sylvestre Treat Hair , Liver Function
38 Thoodhuvalai Solanum Trilobatum Diabetics
39 Basil Ocimum Basilicum Common Cold & Fever
40 Pirandai Cissus Quadrangularis Common Cold And Cough
41 Nandiavattai Tabernaemontana Gamblei Hypertension
42 Sorrel Leaves Hibiscus Canabinus Nerve Disease
43 Pudina Mentha Arvensis Refresher
44 Kupaimeni Acalypha Indica Remedy- Skin Diseases
45 Tomato Solanum Lycopericum Eye Sight
46 Amman Pacharisi Euphorbia Hirta Skin Tags Remover
47 Vaithiya Narayanan Delonix Elata Treatment Of Cancer
48 Touch Me Not Mimosa Pudica Snake Bite
49 Bamboo Dendrocalamus Calostachyus Injuries
50 Ginger Zingiber Offcinale Digestion

Biodiesel from marine algae using photo bioreactor

The need to fulfill the ever increasing global energy demand caused the intensive use of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gas during the last century and nowadays they represent more than the 80% of the energetic resources. Owing to their exhaustibility and unsustainable environmental impact, both generated by their fossil origin, growing attention has emerged about renewable energy, with the aim of diversifying the energy resources to reduce the utilization of fossil fuels and hence limiting their negative effect. In this context one of the most important renewable energy resources is biodiesel. The students of the biotechnology have designed the photo bioreactor for the production of biodiesel from algae sources. This photo bioreactor is not only meant for the production of biodiesel but also for conducting study on stress induction parameters.

Experimental set up of algal photo bioreactor designed by S. Abinandan, S. Banu Priya, D. Saranya and S.Kavitha (2007-11)



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